Seat Belt Sheepskin Cover

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 Product Description: 

  • PRODUCT MATERIAL: Genuine Australian shearling sheepskin wool, with natural suede backing.
  • PRODUCT FEATURES: Unlike synthetic wool, this genuine sheepskin seat belt strap cover/should strap provides soft comfort from chaffing, making driving more comfortable.
  • PRODUCT APPLICATIONS: Car seat belt, guitar straps, luggage straps, carry-on bags, backpacks strap, computer case straps, camera bags, purse straps, airplane and theater armrests.
  • PRODUCT INSTALLATION: Universal fit for all standard seat belts. Easy to install with velcro fastening to attach the pads around the seat belt.
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: About 11'' x 7'' (28 x 17.5 cm)/ piece, one piece per package. Please note that due to the natural qualities of this product, shades and textures may vary.

Enjoy year-round comfort when you are driving with our luxurious sheepskin Shoulder Pad / Seat Belt Cover. They are also ideal for backpacks, golf bags or anything else that you carry over your shoulder. They are designed for easy installation, just open the velcro flap and fold it around the strap that you are covering. Our Shoulder Pads are made from carefully selected sheepskins. The soft wool fibers of natural sheepskin are highly breathable and act as a natural insulator to keep you warm, dry and comfortable. Indulge yourself with the cushioning of thick shearling wool around your shoulder, you won't be disappointed.