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Weekly Sale

  • Cute Fluffy Bunny
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    Sheepskin Elite

    Cute Fluffy Bunny

    $34.99 $35.00

    Product Description:

    • Rex Rabbit (Domesticated, Non Wild)
    • Diameter of fluffy body:18cm / 7.08 inch
    • Fashionable key chain multi-functionally fit for your Bag, Keys, Car key, Bag, Pants etc
    • Handmade
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  • Genuine Leather Chamois Drying Cloth Car Drying Towel Real Leather Super Absorbent Fast Drying Natural Chamois Car Wash Cloth Accessory
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    Product Information: 

    • 100% Genuine Sheep Skin Leather
    • 100% cod oil tanned; Eco-friendly
    • Scratch-free and provides lint-free shine. Chamois leather makes it easy to clean the dust from car interior, home furniture, or photographic lenses.
    • Perfect for automobile cleaning(car washing) such as car glass, car dashboard, car body or Window.
    • Washing With Warm Water And Mild Soap Before First Use
    • Can be cut into pieces according to your need
    • Comes with various sizes
    • You may also purchase from our Amazon store (Free Shipping):


    Our sheepskin leather chamois comes in different sizes and packs for your choice.

    • 2.5 square feet
    • 3.7 square feet
    • 5 square feet
    • 5.7 square feet
    • 2 Packs (2 square feet each)
    • 3 Packs (Small: 1.25 square feet, Medium: 2/5 square feet, Large: 3.5 square feet)

    More Information on Sheepskin Chamois:

    Original chamois came from the skin of a mountain antelope (the chamois). As the antelope are now protected, the best chamois now sold is made from spit sheepskin, tanned by a process involving the oxidation of marine oils in the skin. Our sheepskin chamois is tanned with 100% cod oil, acknowledge as the best marine oil for this purpose. 

    Because chamois is soft and super absorbent, it is most often used for car washing and drying.

    Other uses:

    1: It makes an excellent tack cloth when wetted and well wrung out. In earlier days, this was called leathering a surface and is still popular in this use because it works so well and there is no danger of polluting the surface as is the case with some tack cloths.

    2: A little known feature is that the very small of pores of chamois allow gasoline to pass but not water if the chamois is first wetted with gasoline. It can be used as a funnel liner when pouring suspect gasoline.

    3: The softness of chamois has made it popular for polishing sterling and for cleaning photographic lenses.

     Care of Your Chamois:

    Chamois should always be hand washed after use. Use hand soap only, never a detergent or solvent. After washing and rinsing, lather it one more time but do not rinse. Wring it as dry as possible before hanging it up to dry fully. The soap film protects the marine oil finish in the leather. Just rinse it first when you next want to use it. 

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  • Seat Belt Sheepskin Cover
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    Sheepskin Elite

    Seat Belt Sheepskin Cover

    $23.00 $15.00

     Product Description: 

    • PRODUCT MATERIAL: Genuine Australian shearling sheepskin wool, with natural suede backing.
    • PRODUCT FEATURES: Unlike synthetic wool, this genuine sheepskin seat belt strap cover/should strap provides soft comfort from chaffing, making driving more comfortable.
    • PRODUCT APPLICATIONS: Car seat belt, guitar straps, luggage straps, carry-on bags, backpacks strap, computer case straps, camera bags, purse straps, airplane and theater armrests.
    • PRODUCT INSTALLATION: Universal fit for all standard seat belts. Easy to install with velcro fastening to attach the pads around the seat belt.
    • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: About 11'' x 7'' (28 x 17.5 cm)/ piece, one piece per package. Please note that due to the natural qualities of this product, shades and textures may vary.

    Enjoy year-round comfort when you are driving with our luxurious sheepskin Shoulder Pad / Seat Belt Cover. They are also ideal for backpacks, golf bags or anything else that you carry over your shoulder. They are designed for easy installation, just open the velcro flap and fold it around the strap that you are covering. Our Shoulder Pads are made from carefully selected sheepskins. The soft wool fibers of natural sheepskin are highly breathable and act as a natural insulator to keep you warm, dry and comfortable. Indulge yourself with the cushioning of thick shearling wool around your shoulder, you won't be disappointed.

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  • Hot 2019 Cashmere Scarf
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    Sheepskin Elite

    Hot 2019 Cashmere Scarf

    $35.00 $30.00

    Product Description:

    • Stylish & Warmth: classic and simple cashmere scarf matches different style wardrobe, shawl wrap is simple but elegant. Super length and cashmere cotton made scarf keep your neck and chest warm, good accessory in cold winter.
    • Occasions: these simple elegant pattern and color is easy to match the clothes for outdoors. Can lay shawl over your shoulders for Relaxing Shopping Days, Cocktail Party, Garden Party, Tea Party or daily use
    • Material: 30% Cashmere and 70% Cotton. Woven from the fleece of the cashmere goat, silky, soft texture and durable strength.
    • Dimensions: 25 inches (width) × 78 inches (length) with fringes. 250g weight. Enough thick, warm to defense against cold.
    • Perfect gift choice for your family and friends. 
    • Very popular among customers from many cites in Canada, such as Edmonton, Calgary, Banff, Vancouver, Toronto and etc. 
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