Why Every Car and Driver Should Have Sheepskin Seat Covers?

Author: Petal

No matter the age of your car and no matter how often you drive or how far your commute, you would do well to consider sheepskin seat covers. These are a great choice for any car and driver and offer some benefits for your overall comfort, many of which might surprise you. Note a few reasons why you might consider sheepskin seat covers for your car and how they add to your physical comfort when driving. 

1. Friction and pressure points

If you have problems with your back, knees, hips, or other areas of the body that are often aggravated by driving, sheepskin seat covers can reduce the friction you feel when in a car seat and also reduce pressure points. Friction of your skin against a car seat can mean restricting the flow of blood to your back and joints so that they may feel stiffer and more achy. Putting pressure on the joints such as when they are pushing down against an uncomfortable car seat can also increase the pain you might feel from arthritis and tense muscles. Sheepskin seat covers soften the friction you would otherwise feel and lessen those pressure points since they absorb that pressure of your form, and you then may have less stiffness and soreness from driving.

2. Temperature control

Sheepskin is a natural temperature control for any car; it doesn't hold heat or cold as easily as leather and is more likely to maintain a somewhat constant temperature. If you get in a cold car with leather seat covers, the leather will typically be very cold to the touch. If the leather has gotten hot from being in the sun, it's likely to hold that heat and stay uncomfortably warm even after you sit down. However, sheepskin doesn't absorb the temperature around it so easily, so it's less likely to be too warm or too cold when you first get in your car. If you live in an area with extreme temperature conditions, sheepskin can be the better choice for year-round comfort.

3. Lanolin

Sheepskin naturally contains lanolin, a moisturizer that is very good for the skin. When you sit against sheepskin, your skin absorbs this lanolin and stays soft and comfortable. This is especially good for those with naturally dry skin or those who live in dry, dusty environments or in areas with long winters when the air gets very dry for many months. Using sheepskin seat covers can mean healthier skin that is nourished just by sitting in your car.